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Food Animal Preventative Health Care Products

We carry a wide variety of vaccinations for your herds individual needs.  Speak with our veterinarians to set up your herd protocol today.

                -Calf Vaccines:

                                -ViraShield 6

                                -Cattlemaster Gold 5

                                -Vision 7 (7-way clostridial vaccine)

                                                --w/ pinkeye

                                                --w/Hemophilus somnus

                                -Prism 5

                                -Pyramid 5

                                -Pyramid 5 w/ Presponse


                                -Bovi-Shield Gold 5

                Cattle vaccine:

                                -ViraShield 6 + VL5

                                -Bovi-Shield Gold 5 +VL



                                -Scour-Bos 9

                                -Piliguard (Pinkeye) 

                Cattle or Small Ruminant vaccine:

                                -Covexin 8

                                -Bar-Vac CD/T (Clostridium perfringens C and D, Tetanus toxoid)


                                -Injectable Ivomec

                                -Pour-on Ivermectin